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    Mac Pro

    Hmmm, that doesn't work on my Mac Pro. It's the regular eject for the top drive, and Alt-Eject for the bottom drive.
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    Mac Pro benchmarks

    My totally non-scientific benchmark of value: jboss 4.0.03SP1 (default config) starts in 8s on the Mac Pro 2.66 GHz, and a whopping 20s on the iMac 1.83 GHz.
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    Mac Pro

    Mine doesn't arrive until the 29th, but when it does I'll be doing a full set of benchmarks for the development tasks that I commonly do. Until then.... I twiddle my thumbs. :)
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    MacPro X4 Video Card with SLI?!?

    You also need driver support to do it. If they get to the point of doing that, I'm pretty sure you'd hear about it on their spec pages.
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    WWDC 2006 keynote

    I wonder how much faster then 3GHz chips are over the 2.66GHz... Anyone seen any Woodcrest benchmarks out there?
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    WWDC 2006 keynote

    WiFi @ Mascone was really, really crappy in early June when I was there. Hopefully it'll be better next week. :ack:
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    Intel Flip4Mac Released

    Been working fantastic for me since Friday!
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    Mac Pro discussion thread

    They better have a quad CPU one I can order before the end of September, that's all that matters to me... While the huge cheese grater case was a necessity because of the heat, it is a very nice case to have. It'll be interesting to see if the stick with a similiar design or not. Did the...
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    The MacBook is out

    I'm trying really, really hard not to order one myself. But then since I sold my 17" G4 a month or two ago I'm been jonezing for a Mac portable big time. :)
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    The MacBook is out

    Do you know how that compares to say the rates you'd get with one of the Intel iMacs? I tried it out after I got mine and I was seeing a good 45 FPS in IronForge with the iMac, but I haven't played in a long time so the other places I'd have no clue about. :D
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    The MacBook is out

    I was at the SF Apple store yesterday when they were setting them up for display and got to play with them a little bit. I was somewhat underwhelmed. The display is bright, but like others have said before, the mirror effect just gives you nasty glare all the time. The key feel, etc. was...
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    Any worries about this new virus report?

    Don't forget that the Intel architecture's call stack makes it much easier to perform a buffer overflow attack than the PPC architecture, so there is some truth in that statement.
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    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    Oh, also. 3DMark05 on the iMac running XP gives you score of 2776. CPU score was fantastic, video score was so-so.
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    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    Well.... I dunno about OS X versus XP, but Java 5 on OS X is blowing chunks compared to the one on XP. jboss 4.0.3SP1 bootup on the iMac running XP - 16 seconds jboss 4.0.3SP1 bootup on the iMac running OS X 10.4.6 - 26 seconds :( EDIT: on OS X with JDK 1.4.2 startup time is 18 seconds...
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    Windows Virtualization (WinXP under Mac OS X) Beta Released

    Good, zippy. About what I would expect. I ran a benchmark inside of it and its comparing to between a 1.6 GHz p4 and a 2.0 GHz p4, so that's not bad at all. I've got two XP VMs running at once simultaneously with no problem.