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    Mac OS X on iMac Rév B - 32 Mo RAM !!!

    I've installed it on an iMac rev.B with 64 MB of RAM and it works fine, as long as you don't launch classic or don't swap every second between big applications, in which case it becomes hideously slow.
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    No ignore dial tone available?

    P.S.: sorry, I forgot to say that you will probably need to use superuser account, command "su" on Terminal
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    No ignore dial tone available?

    I found a slightly different workaround, which works fine with italian telecom. To use it, copy the following script to a text file named, e.g., AppleChimi, then copy it to directory /etc/ppp/modems with the terminal command: cp AppleChimi /etc/ppp/modems/AppleChimi then open PPP Connect...
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    No ignore dial tone available?

    The same applies to Italian telecom. On the other side, I have this problem on my old iMac rev. B, while with the new slot-loading iMac PPP-connect just works fine. I suppose there is a problem connected to the different internal modem, different default script or even both. Francesco