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    OS 9.2.2 and OS X on the same hard drive.

    I can say this. I installed OS X on machines that had 9.2 on them. THe OS 9 system folder remained intact. You switch between systems by Using the Startup Disk option in System Preferences of the Startu Disk control panel in 9.2 The one thing I don't remember is whether there is an Install...
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    Installing Dvd Player For Os 10.3.9

    I think this has been posted here earlier, but Pacifist will allow you to install indivdual packages from the Install CDs. (Pacifist is shareware.) You might have to look around for a while to find the right package. ( jc
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    Pioneer Dvr 109 And Tiger (again)

    Installed Drive in ADS firewirre/usb enclosure. Update firmware, installed DVD player 4.6. Works fine under System 9 (had to set the region first time) (did not test writability of CD or DVD). However under 10.4.2 DVD Player starts with :"There was an initialization error, a valid DVD drive...