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    lineage2 mac client config

    Time for a quick follow up. There is no Lineage 2 for Mac OSX. The link above is Lineage 1, not 2. There is absolutely nothing any where that I can find on any game site or mac site that says there is a Lineage2 Client. It just doesn't exist.
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    lineage2 mac client config

    right on. I had an account at one time, but blew it out a while ago. I'm grabbing the DMG now..w00t What I am really interested in is running the server. I searched via lime wire but didn't have much luck. I've googled all over looking for FAQs or any kind of info on getting and installing a...
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    How do I copy the Sims 2 DVD

    If you have 3 macs that can run Sims2 then your doing pretty good for yourself, why not just cough up the dough for a 2nd copy of Sims2 :D Just coming from the PC/Linux world I haven't found anything that would do what you want on the Mac. I've googled it and checked other places, but I just...
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    iBook G4 HDD replacement possible?

    On the same note. My HD is about full and I was wondering is it possible to replace the HD yourself? I've done this on PCs and PC laptops, but never on an iBook. I am wondering if I should replace it myself, or just add an external HD.
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    Newbie: Xterm help

    You need to append the -DISPLAY flag at the end of your application. Most man pages document this flag. Basically it's something like this AppName -DISPLAY
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    lineage2 mac client config

    aggressor, are your sure you have a OS X Lineage2 Client? Are you sure it isn't Lineage 1 v2.4? No where have I been able to find L2 for OSX. It's just not out there.
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    MUD RPG Makers for OSX

    I've just been dealing with this for the last couple of weeks. I ended up downloading SMAUG MUD, google it. SMAUG has an area editor built into the code. You need to be at god level 65 or better to create areas. Compiling SMAUG was another problem. I had to do some rewrites in teh Makefiles...
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    lineage2 mac client config

    There are a lot of guides on the net on how to configure and set this all up. I think your best bet would be to hit one of the private server sites and read through their FAQs and then apply that to your setup. I must be living in the dark ages, I didn't know L2 had a Mac Client. How does it...