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    not open SQLite database in iPhone device

    Hello all, I used SQLite database.It is open when i run code in iPhone simulator mode. But when i run same code on iPhone device mode it is not open or it is not found come. Thank you..
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    invalid receiver type 'CFTyperef'

    Hello all, I am newbie in cocoa.I am doing coding in cocoa touch. I try code; CFTypeRef address; NSString *street = address objectForKey:(NSString*)kABPersonAddressStreetKey; I get the output but it give me warning:invalid receiver type 'CFTypeRef'. Thank you...
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    warning for ABMultiValueCreateMutable

    Hello all, I am add label for emaiaddress,address,etc.It is work or Home label in iPhone simulator contacts. I write ABMutableMultiValueRef multiValue = ABMultiValueCreateMutable(kABHomeLabel); It create label but, It give me warnig:passing argument 1 of 'ABMultiValueCreateMutable' makes...
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    How to set text on image

    Hi, I am coding in cocoa touch.I am set table view and after that i set image in table view cell.For that i use cell.image = UIImage imageNamed:@"asdf.png"; Now i want to set text on image. Thank you..
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    How to get object type

    Thanks for your kind reply. This is ok for NSString and like wise Class type. But what aboout NSInteger, NSUInteger, etc. basic types? It is not working with NSInteger. Any other way? Thanks.
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    How to get object type

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    How to get object type

    Hello, I want to know the object type in cocoa. Suppose object (id) is consider in which i store string,int,etc.. But i want to know the type of (id). Thank you...
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    How to relase NSDictionary

    Hello all, I am coding in cocoa for iPhone simulator. I used.. for(int i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++) { [menuList addObject: [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: @"sdf",kTitleKey, @"sfs",kExplainKey, @"dgd",kWebKey, @"sdfsf",kPublishDateKey, nil]]; } Now when i run code then i get...
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    Sync Services for iCal

    Hello all, I want to make Sync Services for iCal.Currently i want to read the changes in iCal using Sync Service.please give an idea about this... Thank you...
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    how to add url in iCal

    Hello, I am doing programming cocoa application.I add task in iCal.But i want to add url in task from code.I try task.url= @"gjgjh" but it is not done. Thank you...
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    Install MAC OS

    Hi, I install MAC OS in my PC. I beginner in this. I am working in cocoa application.I see apple video for create code.But one thing i get different interface builder. In video interface builder contain instance,class,image,sound,nib panel But in my interface builder there is not any panel...