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    Good or Bad

    If you like tinkering, you'll love it, if you want it work, you'll be lucky, although it's kept me amused for hours upon end. I would highly recommend OS X for users who are self-confessed Mac Geeks, or Unix Geeks, or just geeks, trouble is that this is simply PB version 2. The whole...
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    Rio 500 Killed by a Firmware Upgrade by iTunes on OS X

    Just download the newest firmware from, I think a new one was posted today. The 'grey screen' symptom i have had on many an occasion, but is easily fixed with a new FWare UD. The usual culprit is a low battery when transferring files or UDating the FW, but I've had it on a couple...
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    Question about blurry text and antialias

    Try it on a CRT, it looks worse! I would use a utility called to change the antialias point size, at least you should be abl eto do it with that. You can get it from Ach, well, you never know it could just be another 'feature'.
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    Give me back my Permissions!

    I've found OS X extremely cool extremely powerful etc. but I have found a few issues which definitely I would like changed - namely the whole multiple user/directory structure thing. I have never been a fan of the Multiple Users thing since it arrived, even though it is helpful for my work, but...
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    Dock Size Snapping

    Cheers, i was wonderin how 2 do that!
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    Themes & icons

    Erm, hate to disappoint, but the program makers just shoved a heavily layered photoshop'd screenshot of OS 9 with K-Scheme and a couple of custom icons into director or something similar, and animated everything from there, finally pasting in the screen through After Effects. Why would Apple...