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    Mac Screen Sound

    Are you sure the sound is coming from the computer and not the speakers? I had a problem where a video card was interfering with a sound card, and had similar problems. Whenever I'd move the mouse (or move a window etc.) I'd hear a high pitched buzz, but it was being heard through the...
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    WD Caviar not good?

    I've been pretty happy with WD. Had one fail on me, years ago (I think it was a 300 meg drive or something). I've had several Maxtors fail on me, and will never buy one again. My last HD purchase was a Seagate, and it seems quieter than my WD drive. Perhaps a little slower, but not by much...
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    iMac G5 CD-R compatibility

    Thanks for your reply. What does "About this Mac / More Info / Disc Burning" say your drive is? Mine says "MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-845" with Firmware DBN9. I understand there's a different model in some iMacs. Any suggestions on how to talk to Apple support to get a useful answer or talk to...
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    iMac G5 CD-R compatibility

    Is it just me, or does the Superdrive (Matshita UJ-845) compatibility suck? I can't get it to read: Princo or Maxell CD-Rs that work fine in my PC's LG drive. I called Apple support and they claimed it wouldn't work with the Princo's because they are rated to 56x. That's garbage! I was...
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    quicktime mpeg playback speckled

    Thanks for the reply... I should clarify a bit that I'm being really picky here. They play "fine" on my Mac too, when looking at what should be a solid color or at least a smooth gradient, especially in motionless areas (e.g. the sky), you can see pixels that look to be more dithered than...
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    quicktime mpeg playback speckled

    Not sure how to best describe this. I'm a recent switcher to Mac and am using a 20" iMac G5. I've been watching roller coaster videos that are in MPEG-1 format from, for a while, previously on my PC using the ATI file player or WMP, now on the Mac with Quicktime Pro...