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    Help Mac Does Not Recognise My Cd

    under system preferences, click cds & dvds. make sure you have appropriate action selected for when you enter the disc.
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    Can't drag or drop my folders or files on Mac.

    Move an item: Drag it, then drop it where you want it. To copy the item instead of moving it, hold down the Option key while you drag and drop. Add an item to the Dock: Drag it to the Dock. Place apps to the left of the separator line, and files and folders to the right
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    The Apple September Event

    The biggest event has completed, and I have started to look forward to the next year's event. The biggest surprice from Apple is the new iPhone 6S and its 3D Touch screen. I am looking forward to getting one.
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    Apple Teamviewer

    One simple question from an amateur, what does teamview work on the pc? How does it work?
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    HDMI Outputs!

    This is a good idea, but I don't see it coming in the next new generation of mac desktop or laptop. What a pity.
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    Standard Acount To Admin

    Have a try of this method, I tried this and it worked for me.
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    Apple Camera Replacement On Iphone 6 Plus

    Heard of the iSight camera replacement news, and luckily iPhone 6 does not need the replacement. Hopefully the same problem will not happen to the coming iPhone 6S.
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    The New Look

    There is no space to login unless I decided to post in any post. That's too complicated and inconvenient.
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    Ipad Air Can't Be Started

    Learned a trick here, thank you for sharing.
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    Images Refuse To Open: Not An Allowed Extension

    I would suggest you to transcode the file with a professional converter, that should be helpful.
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    Audio Missing On Older Video Clips In Fcpx 10.2.1

    Is it possible that the audio in the original video is not compatible with FCPX? Why not encode it to FCPX accepted audio format with a video converter in advance?
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    Feedback Assistant Crashes

    This stopped since I upgraded the Mac OS
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    Using Disk Warrior To Retrieve Data?

    I used DiskWarrior to recover documents, photos, music and other files on my iMac when disaster strikes and I was facing lose access to files. It acts well on my iMac. And to protect my special edition of Blu-rays, I have copied them to hard drive with Pavtube BDMagic in advance and store the...
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    ℗ Thunderbolt 3 & New Usb3 Combine!

    I like the video quality of 4K. 4K video has now spread from TVs to other imaging products, such as camcorders and LUMIX digital cameras. Quadruple the resolution of Full-HD promises superb image quality, but that’s not all. Another highlight of 4K is exciting possibilities in editing. But not...
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    Grey Screen

    Have you tried to run the upgrade? Apple recently released the new Mac OS X 10.10.