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    Problem to install OBJDUMP, or there is another disassemblator of binary code?

    Also, you may want to take a look at the Fink project ( as an alternative to ports. After rereading your post, it appears that you're trying to cross-compile to an AVR target? Have you considered starting off using arduino processing instead of directly targeting the...
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    Problem to install OBJDUMP, or there is another disassemblator of binary code?

    Perhaps take a look at otool -- or even gdb's runtime dissas command.
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    $PATH for apache2, how can I make it understand my /etc/profile?

    Try using system() instead of exec_shell() to get a few default env vars setup automagically (copying the char *envp[] from the parent process -- probably apache). If you take this route, you want to be careful that there aren't any paths included that are writable by the web service process...
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    $PATH for apache2, how can I make it understand my /etc/profile?

    I just want to say that from what you posted, you don't know what you're doing. This is a security feature. Tread lightly or some script kiddie is going to hack into your server. Using the shell_exec() securely is difficult for highly experienced people to do correctly. That said, you want to...
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    basic script question.

    Although you can usually run a script by typing a "./" before the script name, you can also run it by passing it as an argument to the shell. Like 'bash'.
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    Building scientific graphical application

    Carbon is basically the old stuff, use it only if you want to have OS9 (legacy) as your primary platform. Otherwise it's highly suggested that all new programs to be written using Cocoa. Cocoa will allow for compatability with osx that Carbon can not provide. Judging from your use of a matrix...
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    FTP and Unix

    you might want to consider using scp with the -p flag to preserve the permissions -fintler
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    How people stores the password in database?

    If you're using md5 or sha, you should store the output of either in the database when the user initially sets their password. i.e. <database entry> = md5||sha( <user passwd>) to see if their password is correct when they try to log in, you would again take the attempted password...
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    Threads: can multiple thrds read same file?

    streams in the posix model aren't thread safe, you have to manually set the locks. take a look at flockfile() and the releated group of functs. you can also use the locked and unlocked versions of the io functs, for example, you can do something like the following... flockfile(file)...
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    How to compile stuff

    I posted this earlier over on apple's discussion boards...any suggestions to make it better? How to Compile Stuff By Jonathan Bringhurst Initial Draft - August 21st 2002 First off, lets go into what it means to compile a program. When you get one or more files that contain source code...
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    OK So I switched to bash...

    eww..what's up with the fugly redhatte style prompt ;P about a nice, clean slack style prompt... PS1='\u@\h:\w\$ ' also, if you feel like installing the newer gnu fileutil warez, you can get colours if you add and export the following to your bashrc... red='\e[0;31m'...
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    New boot screen in 6c106

    eh..I kinda just like the plain apple...the smiley face was nice, but it was just a smiley face..not really the picasso style mac smiley face...just having the apple gives it a cleaner look too
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    Installed Jaguar 6c98

    I have 6c106 running on a B&W G3/400 with 384M or runs fast as hell...there's a good boost of speed from 10.1 builds
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    New boot screen in 6c106

    My other post about 6c106 got deleted..oh's a simple screenshot hosted elsewhere of the new boot screen...
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    new dev tools with 6c106 :)

    it's about also says this build is well developed and that you can start using it to test out your's getting insanely close to gm....I'm hearing rumors of it being 6c108...I attached a pdf with the seed notes onto this post for those lacking adc mailing access...