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    DB Snowboard Designs

    must be different because I like the tree... :o
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    It's HERE: iPod

    /me waits for the breakthrough....
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    Mac OS X for AMD/Intel

    to see how intel are going to explain how an 800mhz Itanium, is faster then a 2ghz p4... I have peecee, it is cursed...
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    OS X managing fonts.

    apparently suicase 10 from xtensis is releasing a total font management solution for X soon. I have not seen reserve from Corel, and do not know what it's capabilities are, but it too is another solution. Then there is also a guy doing a shareware app, i think you can find a link to his "light"...
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    I Have Been Forced To Buy A Pc

    I made that mistake, I just invested money in a PC at the recommendation of one of my developer mates, to run various database apps. It has been the worst mistake of my life 8( I have spent the weekend reinstalling, seriously, I am on the 3rd reinstall for this weekend. I can't use this piece...
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    What about Corel Photopaint? It may not be the photoshop we are used to, but it does the same stuff with CMYK support.
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    I am so jazzed about 10.1

    I think it's called "pismo"...
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    I would like to see what happens when people truly start to take note of M$'s licensing and payment policies. There is still an air of disbelief at the office with regards to these policies. One of my mates, a heretic windows users ;P (I can say that), reckons that win XP will be cracked...
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    Weird, most of the people consider macs a toy? The biggest argument for PC's appears to be that it has more games and they run faster. I have 3 macs, 1 SGI and a brand new 1.7ghz p4 + all the bells and whistles - I am sorry to say that the P4 has ended up being a glorified gaming console -...
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    If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

    I think we all work according to our own value sets. Personally I do my best to legally own everything I use, at personal cost. But I do find carracho an immensely valuable tool, to transfer files and discuss issues with friends and colleagues. Sadly, people need to look at the hole they are...
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    Will OS X 10.1 connect to an IPX network?

    OS X 1 has samba built it, so you will be able to connect to windows network services. I wouldn't worry about it, there will be no problems and Dave is simple to configure if there are.
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    Wath a delusion!

    yeah, but imagine if he realses the new iMac, what would he release at the next show ;)
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    *codename: Chameleon Revealed* Os X On Intel

    Opinions vary, but from what I understand there should be very little performance difference, but Cocoa is supposedly easier/quicker to code. Carbon was intended to be a crossover principle for Mac OS 9 - X, so that the DTP industry, who are notorius for taking their time, are still...
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    Wath a delusion!

    yes, they are the same as they have been for a while, but, on the upside, it is all the more reason to think that a new update is due soon too... If they changed the Bus speeds increased the backside cache, and built new configurations, I would say that this shape is due to stay a while, but...
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    We have to pay for 10.1!!!

    I would rather get the CD - I hate re-installing the frigging updates everytime I give my machine a good clean, give me one clean install anytime, even if it costs some money for a nice sleeve and printed CD.