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    Why Win2K is worse than OS X?

    PoweMACuser - I am confused by your Threads. You say that you are a Mac user, and then you also say that you are not an anti-Microsoft user. Then you start this thread saying at CNet has a screwed up evaluation method in testing these two operating systems. But you never say which operating...
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    need a html editor like windows notepad...

    I like TextEdit - but if you want a Unix terminal window text editor - you can never go wrong with Emacs. Pico is for Windoze *nix user.
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    getting a new g4 desktop... help me choose

    I suggest you go to apple's website and seriously take a look at the new 800 MHz and 867 Mhz G4's. It's the most impressive systems that I have every seen. I suggest gettting the single processor 867 Mhz - then upgrade the RAM on your own (b/c if you ask apple to upgrade it for you - it will...
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    Is OS X a 128 bit Operating System?

    When you say that the G4 is 128 bit 'wide' - are your referring to the bus? If not, what exactly does it mean that the G4 is 128 bit wide. Thanks frooyo
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    Is OS X a 128 bit Operating System?

    To my understanding - the G4 is a 128 bit processor. With that in mind - is OS X a 128 bit operating system. If so, are applications for OSX developed with Cocoa 128 applications? I understand there is a version of FreeBSD that is 64 bit and IRIX is 64 bit - but 128 bit seems way to far...
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    Internet Gateway & DHCP Server on OSX?

    I am confused, you want to use OS X for DHCP, routing and a firewall -- AND -- you have a Linksys DSL router. The Linksys router does all of this for you. That is the whole reason why someone purchases these home network routers. If I am understanding you correctly that you already have a...
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    apache wont start

    atoms is right - if you want to even consider yourself a unix guru, you have to learn vi and emacs. I personally love emacs, I know that there is a lot of commands to remember - but it is so versatile, you can even compile LISP, c , c++ etc .. programs with it. It is a must to the guru - hood...
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    root perms and performance issues

    One reason why OS X runs so fast on the G4 chip is that Altivec has additional features specific written for the G4 processor.
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    floppy drive and mount command

    try the following command: mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/fd0 or mount /dev/floppy Hopefully this works for you - even so, I still do not know how you can get the disk to eject the disket without pushing in the releash button with a paper clip. If the command is succesful - you can access the disk...