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    Keyspan USB serial adapter for consoles

    STOP. If you want a PC 9 pin D-type serial interface then the Belkin PDA Adapter does the trick. See my questions & replies in the forums, under peripherals and titled "USB-->Serial (Belkin/KeySpan) hyperterminal? "
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    Keyspan USB serial adapter for consoles

    Did anyone solve this one? I want to do the same thing with an iBook.
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    D-type serial/USB adapter & hyperterminal

    Hi, I looking for a 9pin D-type connector serial port for my iBook (ie - standard windows com port connector). I need this as I often connect to linux machines which send their console output to the com port. This can be picked up with any dumb console software like HyperTerminal in wondows...
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    Authenticate by LDAP or NT Domain?

    Does anyone know how to get OS X to autenticate against an NT domain controller, or alteratively an LDAP server? Thanks Paul