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    AIFF files on Audio CDs not really AIFF?

    Hey thanks for the info! I was trying to avoid hacking LAME, but I'll probably try your suggestions. It is way cool to be able to change the code so the product will do what you want!
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    AIFF files on Audio CDs not really AIFF?

    Does anybody have any insight on this? Here's the situation. I've compiled the LAME 3.87 beta under OS X PB so that I can do MP3 encoding. LAME will take AIFF, WAV or raw PCM files as input and output MP3 files. If I try to encode directly from an audio CD, LAME assumes it's a raw PCM...
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    mp3 encoding on OS X???

    Well, if you follow the hack on MacAddict to add the developer tools into the PB, you can download the source for and encoder called LAME and compile it. See for details on LAME. It's a command line encoder, but it produces EXCELLENT sounding MP3s. See...