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    I have final Panther (10.3-7b85)

    It pops up a box that has a button that lets you switch to the login screen, leaving the current user logged in, and his screen saver still running. Interestingly, it seems that the screensaver process takes up 0% CPU in the background, but this could possibly be only whilst the password box is...
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    execute a script by clicking

    It's much, much easier to make a shell script into a double-clickable applications icon. Just download a program called Platypus
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    10.2 with iMac DV SE 400?

    I'm selling mine on eBay, so I wiped the HD and installed 10.2 on it. Seems to run acceptable well actually - with 256Mb - but I haven't used it extensively on that computer.
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    Good UK ISP for OS X?

    I use BT Internet (or 'OpenWorld' or whatever they are calling themselves this week) - for no other reason than at the time it was the easiest option to use if you wanted the £5 extra per month for unlimited internet calls. I don't have anything to particularly recommend them, but on the...
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    Port of PostgreSQL to OS X

    MySQL supports Rollback, silly ! (It's configured to Auto Commit by default though) What is doesn't support is transactions, ie. multiple queries rolling back as one. If you manage to ger PostgreSQL compiled I'd be interested in testing it.
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    nice, renice...

    Only root can 'renice' to a higher priority - this stops your average joe user from bumping up his job's prority at the expense of other processes. Hence the name 'nice' and not 'nasty' !! BTW I wouldn't recommend renicing anything to -20 ! That basically means that job gets the CPU and other...
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    Which rc files to use?

    Look in /System/Library/StartupItems (very Mac-like, no ?). There's a directory for each program to launch at startup. You should be able to copy/modify an existing example. What I'm confused about is why there isn't a ~/Library/StartupItems , which would seem logical (start up items for...
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    perl on os X

    Just use BBEdit !! The only problem with the Perl under OS X is the inability to 'make' and install new modules (OK, it's not really a problem with Perl, but the lack of cc and make). I don't really fancy suffering a 70Mb download over my modem, just for the sake of 'cc' and 'make'....
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    Wow memory shows with OS X

    mtc - don't be tight, RAM is cheap (a lot cheaper than a new computer) and the performance gain you get from adding RAM is easily the biggest bang-per-buck for any upgrade, no matter what your OS.
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    Maya screen saver

    It's Carbonised, so when you run it it runs as a native OS X application. Yes, I get exactly the same problems - as soon as I try and click on an option slider it bombs out. Is also covers the desktop, so removable drives etc. are not visible. Still, it is pretty neat
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    Will Apple really be able to increase speed?

    Hey, relax ! Look how slick the Dock is, I mean that really is a nice piece of programming, imagine what the rest of the OS will be like when it's as optimised as the Dock is right now ! Aqua definately seems to need lots of optimisation work - Classic apps feel faster (compare the time it...
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    Pipe MacOS stuff through Unix with Terminal services!

    I saw this but I wasn't able to get it to work - I tried selecting text in TextEdit, and choosing 'sort' but nothing happened. Has fantastic potential though...