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    apache 2.0.55, php 5.0.5, mysql 5.0.13

    I installed php & MySQL from this site and they both work great. The author has a php5 module for Apache 1.3 (the OSX default) and Apache 2. I hope this helps.
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    Video/Final Cut Pro problems with Tiger?

    I've never used FCP but someone told me that getting the final cut out of the application can be problematic and the solution is to export the film as a Quicktime movie and then print it from Quicktime (don't ask me how). I hope this helps. Paul P.
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    Best FTP software for OS X

    If anyone's interested in secure FTP clients, try Fugu:
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    Hi, If you have more than one computer then you need a gateway router and I've used a Netgear one and a really cheap one from Maplins. Both worked as expected but check what your internet connection actually is, if it's ADSL (through a phone line) then you need an ADSL gateway router, if it's...
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    How do I stream video?

    Hi, Another option is to publish the movie clips as Flash Video (FLV) using Macromedia Flash or Sorenson Squeeze. The Flash player is a lot smaller download than Quicktime but some Flash work is required to make it all work. We've recently encoded some video from DVD in FLV format see...
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    JavaScript return false

    Hi, Why is "putting JavaScript inline with HTML mark-up is a giant NO NO"? If it works across all browsers I can't see the problem. As a Dreamweaver user, I use some of their built-in objects such as roll-over buttons, these always use inline Javascript and work on most (all?) browsers...
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    PHP question: text comparison in variable?

    Hi, If you make the If statement as follows: if (strpos(" ".$lodging_plan,"Delights")) { It will evaluate to true if $lodging_plan contains the word "Delights" anywhere within it. The space (" ") added at the start of $lodging_plan is to get over the problem of using strpos when the...
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    Best method for coding and FTPing?

    Hi, I use Dreamweaver in OSX having previously been a Windows user with the software. In some ways it's slower, and in others it's faster (which mirrors my overall experience of the difference between Windows and OSX). I've looked at a number of apps and always found Dreamweaver to have...
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    PHP email form not returning multiple checkboxes

    Hi, I wouldn't use an array for the checkboxes. Just name each checkbox with a unique name i.e. service_1, service_2, service_3 etc. Then each checkbox will go through to the php script with it's own name. If that doesn't work, you've completely lost me!
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    Blurry letters?

    I've always had problems with the blurry text that comes as standard with OSX. I do think Windows is easier to read (without cleartype enabled) with the smaller fonts that OSX likes to smooth (I'm not saying that Windows looks better, it's just easier to read in some circumstances). Anyway...