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    Newbie iphoto problem

    First of all: Backup your iPhoto library folder. Second: Try to rebuild your iPhoto library. You do that by holding down Alt+Cmd while you start iPhoto. This should do it. If not, Erase all files and folders in your iPhoto Library and start an empty iPhoto. From there you could drag'n'drop your...
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    Removing SMTP servers in

    You can manually erase them in the file ~/Library/Preferences/ Find the section of the file which contains your SMTP-server info, for example: <dict> <key>AccountType</key> <string>SMTPAccount</string> <key>AuthenticationScheme</key> <string></string>...
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    No Classic with international OS 9

    Didn't get it to work, but maybe that's because I want use Swedish 9.2 as my Classic. The directories aren't on the same locations as in your post. But maybe that's because I have Classic on a different partition. Any ideas? _______________________________ iBook Dual USB 500MHz, OSX.1