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    Compiling glib

    billbaloney, Your error is quite different from the other one. It looks like the same symbols (libname and version) are being defined in two different files and causing the linker to choke. His is dying in the preprocessor. If you look at the error message, you\'ll see that this...
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    X windows on os x

    As a variation on the method given by zpincus you could type X followed by one of these options to login to a remote machine running XDM. -query host-name contact named host for XDMCP -broadcast broadcast for XDMCP -indirect host-name contact named host for indirect XDMCP
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    debug code?

    Grrr. What is causing my posts to escape certain things. That is down right annoying. I guess I will just have to avoid using contractions. I bet it is a conspiracy. This board software has grammar nazis built into it. Terry
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    debug code?

    He might be talking about this line I pulled from the output of dmesg: \"BMacEnet: Debugger client attached\". I\'m sure there\'s alot of \"debugging code\" in there, but trust me, an extra if(foo) here and there doesn\'t make a huge difference in performance. I\'d be more worried about code...
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    Anything Java...

    Bob, If you were using ObjC, I believe the solution to your leak might lie in, [NSApplication detachDrawingThread:toTarget:withObject:] I poked around in NSApplication with Java Browser, but couldn\\\'t find a similar method. I\\\'m about ready to give up on Java/Cocoa myself. It sure...