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    Disk Permissions problem- locked out of some apps

    Not sure if you're proficient with using the Terminal, but if you do, and go to one of the locked folders, and type ls -l there, what username and group does it show (vs. your own username)? Also in Terminal, you can change the owner of files and folders using the 'chown' command. E.g. typing...
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    When you install BootCamp and after installing Windows, you insert the Snow Leopard and it will do some Windows installation thingy (installing drivers for Mac hardware like bluetooth etc.) The BootCamp update does bring newer versions of those drivers (e.g. for the Magic mouse or newer 27" iMacs).
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    Picture Viewer like Windows?

    Guess they were indeed not as geekish as I thought. ;)
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    Picture Viewer like Windows?

    Yuck!:eek: Where did they hide that (I have Snow Leopard)? None of the Mac geeks I know knows this feature (I have asked them all). Thanks (+1)
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    How to Remote Desktop Connection from Window XP to MAC computer

    Besides VNC, there seems to be a version from Apple too (ARD), although I've never used it.
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    3270 emulator for OS X?

    Oh, at least I'm not totally stupid: I had found that one already on my search and it looks very old school and seems to be lacking file transfer *sigh* (so far it seems to boil down to x3270 and ZOC).
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    3270 emulator for OS X?

    *duh* :o (+1 for the friendly reminder)
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    Picture Viewer like Windows?

    Does anyone know a picture viewer that can page through files in a folder without marking them first (you know, just double clicking one picture and then page down to see the others in the same folder or memory stick)? Add ons (even with a reasonable price) are okay.
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    3270 emulator for OS X?

    (Sorry for digging up this old thread, but I was looking for exactly this today and this is actually how I found this forum). I just found a comment to a very similar question on Amazon Askville. The price is a bit steep though, does anyone know something free?
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    Spinning Wheel - Pain in the ar$e

    A friend of mine had a problem like this running some PowerPC (not Universal/Intel) programs, which were running through the PPC emulator. They show up in the Activity Monitor (Utilities) in the process list (Intel vs. PPC in one of the columns.)
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    Slowly Losing Disk Space

    Have you looked at the /tmp folder (you'll need to go to a shell and type "open /tmp" (without the quotes) to see it in finder)? It collects files (cleared at the next reboot). A very busy system log could also account to this ... check /Library/Logs or ~/Library/Logs.
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    Rename many files at once

    Nice one ... +1
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    Can i switch my pc to a mac ?

    There are a lot of people doing it, although not legally and it's not for the squeamish. I've tried it in the past and it took about three days of fiddling (and a bit of extra hardware like a new network card) until my '***' (google for that) was running. It has become better since *** but...