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    minimizing windows in Mac OS X

    I rather like the way the Window menu in OS 9.1 is implemented. It shows the titles of all open windows and those that are windowshaded have a little dash next to their title. The same could probably be implemented in OS X with ease.
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    New Appearance is under development

    If they took Aqua out (or gave you an option to get rid of it, which would be better), I doubt that there would be any less support. OS X is an inherently powerful OS. Aqua, as far as I can tell, is merely a demonstration of its power. I myself like graphite mode, since it's a bit less harsh on...
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    Diskdrives working with Mac OS X

    If I remember correctly, OS X PB doesn't have support for FAT32 (the Windows drive format) yet. It only supports HFS+ and UFS, but they should put PC disk support back in. If they don't, then OS X is just drifting further and further from Mac OS…
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    NetBoot server on OS X Beta?

    There is a line in /etc/hostconfig that says "NETBOOTSERVER=-NO-". Does this mean that there is a NetBoot server in OS X PB? If so, how do I configure it after starting it up? If not, can I add one?