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    OS X Server unlimited or 10 user?

    I've been setting up services on my OS X machine as well. Having had some *nix / Linux experience... most of it was totally simple. I've got a mail server set up, an IMAP->Web gateway, PHP, 5 web domains, etc. all set up and running. -- No problems. But, when I try to set up MySQL, it keeps...
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    Multiple Docks

    Congratulations, CrazyAlex! I'm glad my suggestions worked for you. I may not use them myself (like I said, I've got about as much dock as I want) but I'd be really interested in seeing your scripts to see how well it really does work. If you'd share 'em I'd appreciate it. Thanks! As for...
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    Multiple Docks

    I hereby state that I've not done this, nor have I checked some of the ideas stated in this post for validity. They're just ideas off the top of my head from reading the post above. If you're serious enough about doing this (I'm not... I'm fine with my dock the way it is), then I'd suggest...
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    Using NetInfo like a hosts file

    I've tried this too by putting in new entries in the NetInfo machines directory. But... It Don't Work! Is a reboot required? If so, why...? And also if so, can I get around this with an ifconfig down/up, or inetd restart... or... anything? I tried "lookupd -flushcache"... Restarted all NI...
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    Internal domains

    Okay... I did too... but it doesn't work for me! Do I have to run any commands after making and saving the changes in NetInfo? Kick the machine? Cry like a baby? What?!?! tia -jab
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    Mounting HDs as folders

    I haven't tried messing with this stuff yet (I've got too many burned-in images on my retinas from work to sit at my computer long at home ;)) but, I can tell you that the symlink thing won't give you the "backup apps" access that jrydh's mount points solution would have. That may be acceptable...
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    Apple Menu

    The *new* apple menu in OS X is finally a System menu. Something we've never had before, and I have always wanted. You can notice that things having to do with system wide features (dock, preference app, shutdown/sleep, etc.) are all that's included in it. I think that it makes sense to finally...