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    Where is registration info stored?

    Wasn't in there. :( Maybe it isn't a local file. Does the OS X version of ircle have some global setings, but each user would have their own preferences? I'm only half familiar with a lot of this stuff (no trouble with UNIX, but never played with ircle and still getting Mac-oriented :) )...
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    Where is registration info stored?

    I registered Ircle today and accidently mistyped my name. Nothing critical, I know, but annoying none the less. Anyway, I thought I could just delete Ircle and reinstall/reregister, and the problem would be solved. Not so, so the info is stored somewhere else, maybe like the registry in windows...
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    Release/Renew IP address?

    In windows, using winipcfg, I can release and renew my IP address. Is there a way, other than restarting, that I can do this in Mac OS X? Jaunte