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    10.1 Speed Not Acceptable

    Sad as it is, Apple makes money off hardware, so a marketing scheme like that is not unexpected. What's new? Apple has always played the hardware marketing game. That's not to say we shouldn't call them on it though... dcantrel brings up a very good point though. In a bleeding-edge GUI...
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    10.1 stand alone?

    Ooo oo, I wonder if the Carbon version of Dark Castle will fix the problem that the first color version of Dark Castle had. Namely that in the original you could hold multiple buttons so that you would run to a ladder and climb it immediately, or jump and continue running, but the color version...
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    10.1 Speed Not Acceptable

    For me personally, the practical benefits (for a web designer and programmer) of OS X are so great that any minor sluggishness does little to disappoint me. There is something I find humorous in all this though... The constant comparisons between OS X, OS 9 and Windows performance are...
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    Hardware Delema Mac or PC?

    Hopefully when the G5s hit and 10.2 comes out Mac value will be quite a bit higher. I'm going to pick up a G5 at the first price reduction after they come out.
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    Terminal Commands

    Search for a basic unix tutorial. Other than that, you can list all the commands that start with any letter by typing the letter than hitting tab. To find out about a particular command type 'man <command>'. This will be a bit complicated for you, but learning unix takes time. Just look...
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    Hardware Delema Mac or PC?

    Whew, as much as I hate to say it, I don't think you're going to be able to go with the Mac upgrades. I don't recommend the processor upgrades on Macs, because Apple's software is so tuned to work with stock boxes. When you say that you run software on Macs & PCs, and need nothing platform...
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    Apache 1.3.20, garbled apple_hfs_module

    I just followed the instructions on Devshed about installing Apache w/ PHP & MySQL on Mac OS X. I'm running 10.0.4 (I think the article was written for 10.0.3), and the Apache, PHP, and MySQL packages are all higher version than they were at the time of the article writing. I thought...
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    PHP error reporting problems and missing php.ini

    You're in luck, I spent 2 hours figuring this out the other day. It's because your PHP/HTML files are using Mac line breaks. If you are using BBEdit, choose unix in the document drop menu. I would recommend setting your preferences to save text files in unix format as well since I haven't run...
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    Darwin x86 and Mac OS 10.1

    Well, I haven't even seen x86 Darwin, but all you'd be able to do is upgrade to the latest version of Darwin. I don't know how much work that will be or even what changes have been made to this version of Darwin and how much work porting those changes to x86 would be (or if it's been done...
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    Where are logins logged?

    Thanks a lot, I can't wait to really start getting to know BSD and more specifically what constitutes Darwin, old-school BSD stuff, and Aqua. I just ordered my 512m RAM chip so I can switch to OS X full time once 10.1 hits the shelves :)
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    Where are logins logged?

    I set up Mac OS X for my mom so that she can finally keep my little brother and sister from screwing things up (she gets confused if an icon moves a little). She would also like to know when they are using the computer. I figure logins have to be logged SOMEWHERE, right? I tried looking at...
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    Be very careful when you are logged in as root, as you can screw up your system unrepairably if you delete or edit the wrong files. Chances are if you are logged in as an administrator and it says you don't have privs to delete something, you might not want to be deleting it.
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    As far as I'm concerned Apple has already won. As with many here I've used both platforms for years, watched them develop. I always felt more productive on a Mac (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, etc.). But I've watched Windows go from 3.1 to 95, to 98 and in the meantime, Mac...
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    Chess seems to have major bugs...

    First thing I noticed was that it would not let me castle queenside. Then when I did take back move before the computer moved, pieces started disappearing. Do you think this is a Apple problem or GNU chess? Hard to believe it would be GNU chess. Anyone else able to reproduce this?
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    Human Interface Standards, the Dock and More...

    Those with complaints about the new interface have a lot of valid points. Personally I am quite satisfied overall, despite several things I feel could be improved (e.g. Application menu in the upper right corner w/ icon). But I think the arguments miss the whole point of OS X. As Mac...