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    Dual processor speed

    Hey D I love my 22" Cinema Display. I was very against the price, but once I saw in at MWNY I just had to have it. It truely is a work of art. The clearity and brightness is the best I've seen saw far in an LCD display. Oh, MacOSX PB looks really good on the Cinema also. I agree about having...
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    USB H/K Soundsticks - No Sound

    I did what you described in your post on what to do to get the Sound Sticks working, but now "Classic" crashes whne launched. Do I need to disable any "Sound" extesions on the classic side? If I put the Audio OSXPB extension back into it's original place, reboot, then Classic will launch just...
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    Dual processor speed

    At home I have a G4 450 MP with OSXPB and at work I have a single 450 with OSXPB also. The dual runs A LOT faster than the single. Both Macs have 256 MB RAM. At home I can have multiple quick time movies playing at once with out a slow down in playback on either of the movies. Launching apps...