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    Leopard: Bugs/Compatibility Reports

    Colorburst RIP 3.8 for Epson printers (4000 in my case) does not work at all under the new operating system, Leopard. No updates from Epson at present (or probably ever).
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    Adobe Cs2 Standard Apps Will Not Launch!

    I wonder if the 8 gig of ram may be at fault...can you reduce the ram to 4 gig and see what happens?
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    Sleep Problems On Dual 1ghz G4 (10.4.1)

    If you disconnect all USB devices,except keyboard, does it still do this?
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    Help a new mac user!

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with your new purchase. Try this...Turn off computer, let sit for 30 seconds, start it up and hold down the command key and s key. Are you getting a black screen with code on it? If so let me know and I will guide you through the next step.
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    Anyone got Adobe CS 2?

    Been reading the posts on CS2 so here is my experience...great! After getting crashes on Bridge, the updater not updating and slow response, I tore down my 250 gig harddrive and reinstalled everything. Now it is cruising along and has been fantastic to use on my numerous wedding files. The...
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    GoLive or Dreamweaver?

    Lately I have been getting this message..."The desired action could not be completed because an unexpected HTTP error occurred. (HTTP Error 100)." And also this message.."An error occurred-cannot put index.html." I am using IDisk (.Mac) and everything worked great until just last month when...
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    GoLive or Dreamweaver?

    I used GoLive from the beginning and am now only using Dreamweaver. Too many problems with GoLive that even Adobe was not aware of if talking to their technical division is any clue.