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    Questions regarding OS X on 2nd internal drive

    The OSX install will format the drive for you; thats how I did it any way. If OSX installed with out any errors, try going out to Apple-Mac OS X-Developer and download the System Disk 3.3 utility and place it in your System Folder/Control Panel (this is a replacement for the Startup Disk panel...
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    Classic Loads then Mysteriously Crashes silently

    Did you install OSX on an Unix partition? I had the same problem intill I re-installed OSX in a HFS+ partition.
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    Questions regarding OS X on 2nd internal drive

    I've got a second drive; however, it a SCSI drive and my main drive is the ATA-66 that came with my B&W. Your going through too much trouble. Unlike PC's the Mac can boot from any drive. Just install the new drive as the slave and after installing OS X on it, you can use System Disk to select...
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    What format, Unix or Mac OS Extended?

    I have two hard drives in my B&W 300, so I installed OS X on the second drive (much easier then partitioning). The first time I installed I used the Unix format everything worked except the Classic environment. After installing a clean copy of Mac OS 9.0.4 on the first drive I still couldn't get...