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    MacOS X & ISDN

    I have the same problem with my ZyXEL USB ISDN modem… I hope it will work with MacOS 10.1!
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    isdn modem

    Has anyone been able to connect to the internet with a ZyXEL USB ISDN modem under MacOS X ? If someone did, could you explain how you did it ? I am using MacOS 10.0.4 and still cannot connect to the internet!... Thank you.
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    I went through the list that appears in OS X where you can choose the modem you are using: I found two clearly listed ISDN modems: Zoom ISDN modem 3Com Impact IDSN modem The option of using the USB port doesn't appear when I'm in OS X. It seems to me that my ZyXEL modem isn't recognized...
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    Where I live, in a small village, there is still no possibility to get ADSL... I would have it already if only I could. But thanks for your advice anyway!
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    If it's true, I'll never buy ZyXEL products again! But I still hope that the next update of Mac OS X will allow me to use my ZyXEL USB... If this isn't a joke, thank you.
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    I am here again. This time I have Mac OS X and I still cannot connect to the internet with my ZyXEL modem. Does anyone know a solution or when the driver will be available ? Very annoying...
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    I also have a ZyXEL modem: ZyXEL USB and I haven't been able to connect to the internet with MacOS X yet. I have searched for hours for solutions but didn't find any. Anyone else have an idea ? Thanks for sharing it! It will be greatly appreciated.
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    PPP Connect (LCP Failure)

    I have the same problem. I have checked many times all my settings and they are right. I just get the message "LCP failed" after waiting for a while. I think my USB ISDN modem isn't working with Mac OS X because it doesn't seem to do react in anyway although the PPP application of Mac OS X...