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    Is it my install or is X too slow

    I have the same speed issues on my PowerBook due to the fact that I only have 128 megs of RAM. My Desktop G4 has half a gig and slams right through those things like no tomarrow. Apple recomends a MINIMUM of 128 which really isn't enough due to my two day expereince. Although on a brief...
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    Can´t boot on OS X beta CD

    Mac OS X is not currenlty recognized as a bootable disk. Even though it contains the software for it, it will not work. Just insert the disk and double-click on the "install software" icon. That will reboot the machine and set it up to read from a non-standard system disk. That is why there is a...
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    How to reformat harddisk with only OS X on?

    I have run into that similiar problem. For some reason Mac OS X does not like to boot from a CD unless it is chosen as the bootable drive. This WILL work. Insert MAC OS 9 CD Click on SYSTEM PREFERENCES on the dock. Click on STARTUP DISK You WILL see the Mac OS 9 CD on that list. If you are...