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    hiding folders from other users

    If you are admin you can have permissions and you can do anything you can.
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    Bootcamp on an external HD

    Yes you can install Bootcamp after you have installed windows to run on MAC
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    [HOWTO] Clear Possible old NFS Shares

    It is easy to clear some old NFS Share with the help of many software involved in Macintosh
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    Virtual Desktop for PowerPC Mac

    Configuring your virtual desktops in Mac OS X is really easy, just launch the System Preferences and click on the ‘Expose & Spaces’ icon, where you’ll see a screen with various options, including how many virtual workspaces you want to use
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    Buying Advice. When to buy.

    If your planning to buy new Mac Book Pro then you should hurry, don't wait for the prices to be drop.
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    [HOWTO] Create HTML Emails using Apple Mail

    Creating a HTML page is an easiest thing to do in todays world
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    Ie need for web site thats all they use

    To install IE 7 in Mac Os you have to use Virtual Box software from Oracle.
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    Upgrade from non-server to server?

    No you dont have to scratch from start just download application server software and double click it to install the server