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    Is more memory worth it?

    This is true, but there is more to it. What you are describing is condition on a brink of thrashing--condition when you MUST increase available RAM. However, RAM to be used as pure filesystem cache is advantageous far beyond pageout time: depending on your usage patterns (re-reading or...
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    Software to burn ISO 9660/Joliet DVDs?

    You can use cdrecord from cdrtools; it is a command line thingy which will cost you nothing
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    testuser, ftp-only accounts, mystery

    Hah. The Party has long since outlawed all laws expressed in oldspeak, including those of thermodynamics (expect that they are still tolerated when used in specific low Prol activities, such as engineering). The only laws in effect today are the laws of the Party: Slavery is Freedom...
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    testuser, ftp-only accounts, mystery

    It's a special command of OS84 :) But, it's available only to people with Inner Party credentials. Hi testuser, welcome back--hope you don't mind the joke :) ;)
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    Shades of G5?

    Hey, nice to see you back from holidays. BTW, where are you in Italy? I'm sitting in (vicinity of) Milano.
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    POP2? POP3? Wuts the Diff?

    Protocol version? One is bad, the other merely mediocre?
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    testuser, ftp-only accounts, mystery

    He was unmade to never have existed. Now that we know that you believe to remember an unperson, we will have to unmake you, too.
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    Mhz vs Memory

    Quite correct, AFAIK. But, so does FreeBSD (other *BSD's moved to UVM), albeit heavily modified for performance. I would not be surprised if some of these modifications made it into Darwin; however, I cannot know, since I am not involved in Darwin development. The fact that underlying VM...
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    Mhz vs Memory

    Mind you, I do not have Jaguar yet, but the symptoms remind me of FreeBSD's aggressive pageout which was re-introduced in the 4.x releases (after Matt Dillon fixed some low memory bugs in FreeBSD VM) (remark: I might have the timeline wrong, it all happened around 1998-1999) What this does is...
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    The Ink Thread!

    Horrible. If I did not know that it contains the word Admiral, I would never be able to guess it. Can you imagine the stress on the poor handwriting recognition software?
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    OpenSSL MD5 String

    man 3 md5 man 3 evp man 3 EVP_DigestInit
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    Where should stuff be installed?

    man hier is quite precise: /bin/ user utilities fundamental to both single-user and multi-user environments. Putting things here is like jogging on busy motorway, with eyes tied /usr/ contains the majority of user utilities and applications...
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    Expecting more from CUPS, am I missing something?

    I wish I could--I've seen the post in both fora. However, I come from the old UNIX printing school which said "if you has non PostScript raster printer you uses GhostScript for rendering to it, and calls it from the output filter of /etc/printcap". Honestly, I do not know what CUPS does...
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    ProTools Users please

    Unless they are carbonized, they will most probably (read: almost certainly) not work.
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    Users Passwords decript

    Impossible, because UNIX passwords are not encrypted; they are an encryption key for a known cleartext, and resulting cyphertext is stored. This said, crack suite tries to brute-force guess the standard modified DES one-way hashing scheme used by, among others, OS X. It works because people...