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    HELP! Zip cartridge doesn't pop out???

    Should only need to Eject Disk (Cmd+E) after selecting the disk icon, or use the eject button on the Apple extended USB keyboard. The problem has been known to happen in OS 9 as well...You may be able to push a paper clip into the tiny hole above and to the right of the disk entry. If that...
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    Printer not recognise

    Guess I'm confused. I have both the 600 and 740 USB Epsons and both work fine. In fact, did not even have to Add Printer in the Print Center for the 740 (it just magically appeared first time I turned the 740 ON). And the system thinks I'm using the 600 when it's selected for print. ???? Now...
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    Is it my install or is X too slow

    Seems there are many variables, but a pretty thorough eval was done at Mac OS X Hints. Follow the links for the review and benchmarks performed.
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    can't logged in as a root

    Had similiar problem, but was able to open Terminal window and set privileges accordingly. You may have to delete your current user and re-add.
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    Startup disk issues

    Not truly defending Belkin, but I use one and it seems to work fine. But...I do recommend plugging the keyboard directly into the Mac as the optical mouse uses more power than some buses (even powered ones) are willing to direct. Having said that, my system is just bit more complex and it...
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    Printing Problem

    I'm using a G4 (AGP) with my old Laserwriter Select active via AppleTalk Laserwriter Bridge running on an OS 9 beige G3 Mac. Printing works normally in OS X (or at least as normal as it does in OS 9). Had to turn AppleTalk on and add the printer (which took almost a minute to recognise the...
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    My HFS+ volumes not visible in OS X anymore

    Seen this problem in OS 9, try Disk First Aid to mount and repair the drives. Don't know why it happens, but have, so far, always been able to see the drives again.
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    Error installing OSX

    This may be redundant, but have you tried taking the additional RAM out (assuming it's not from Apple); updated the firmware (caveat: third party RAM may or may not work after the firmware update); kept the first (OS X) partition to 9Gb or less; updated your drive (with either Drive Setup or the...
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    Problems Installing OS 9.1 for X

    Hmmm, unless someone else out there has a better answer, I'm afraid the usual "backup and reformat" option may be your only choice. It would seem that your hard drive update is not accepted (assuming you've tried that already) and reformatting is the standard Apple Tech response anyway....
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    Problems Installing OS 9.1 for X

    Have you tried a Clean Install from the CD? Anything else is asking for trouble with your existing Extensions.
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    3 Monitor Set-up and OS X

    I too have three monitors and all three work spiffiliciously :) I'm using the Radeon AGP card as primary with older ATI NexusGA and XClaimPro cards for the other two. The only caveat is that the screen saver is s-l-o-w and only one desktop pattern is allowed for all three screens. Now if...