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    root can't delete locked files

    Yes, you are right about that dialog box thing. In my case there are _many_ locked files in _many_ levels of folders. I stopped counting the dialog boxes after sixty. I can't believe that Apple would allow this to go on for long. It is too easy a trap for average Joe user to fall into, and...
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    hiding directories from users - huh?

    After using textedit to spruce up the dock .plist, i experienced the inabiility to boot OS X, which forced a complete reinstall. Please, for your own good use pico or others!!!
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    root can't delete locked files

    Similar problem, but in my case I have a huge Folder with lots of locked files all in different levels of the hierarchy. Even with access as that user, what a pain to spend Hours unlocking every one. Just trashing with the option key doesn't work because supposedly I don't have the...
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    Give me back my Permissions!

    Same thing Happening here. When I empty the trash I see it saying that its preparing to delete 1500 files or so. Most of them belong to Bryce. As administrator I can't dump them and they are in My trash. As root i can't dump them because they are NOT in my trash. Moving them out of the...