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    How do I connect a 5400 running 8.5 with a G4 running OS X?

    Actually, what you're going to have to do to get this to work is assign each computer an IP address (TCP/IP control panel on your 5400, network panel in OS X). I would reccommend doing on one and on the other. Subnet mask should be set to on both. the...
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    Recompuling linux apps

    I've tried to compile a few linux apps (all ones where I had the source code), and the problem I always seem to have is I get an error while running the ./configure script of "host type not specified"... I know I can specify the host type in most cases by adding --host= and then the host type...
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    Here's my suggestions (with screenshots)

    Well most of your ideas are pretty good; some of the more sensible I've seen (too many people list ideas that make me just want to say "go back to using OS 9 already"; I want something new). Having the orientation of the dock customizable is a great idea, as is a separate section for launched...
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    Printing with OS X

    Which LaserWriter is it? That will help us figure out if it's one that's even supported.
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    Printing with OS X

    You may be able to print from classic if you can still select your printer in the classic chooser; if that's the case you can do a print preview in X and then save the result as a PDF file, then open acrobat reader in classic and print from there. Personally i haven't had any such luck, so I...
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    Posting OS X PKGs Online

    I think it sounds like a great idea
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    for you linux/bsd junkies out there....

    Hey, the original post specifically mentioned "pipe the results into grep" so that's what I told him how to do. :) And I did mention the -i option; I just didn't include it in my examples.
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    Is there a newsreader in the works for Mac OS X PB?

    well when I had DP4 running I did try out Fetch and it seemed to work ok. never got around to trying newswatcher. now of course they aren't on the PB CD so I don't have them. It would be interesting to see whether those releases work at all though.
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    perl on os X

    I checked, perl is installed. It's even version 5.6. Haven't actually used it yet though.
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    Missing Sound Fix???

    For my iMac, the internal speakers work no problem if I don't have anything else connected, but they don't sound very good. The externals either work if they're connected to one of the headphone jacks in front or if they're on the standard speaker out port on the side and then I plug something...
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    for you linux/bsd junkies out there....

    If you want to grep the results of any command, you just need to add this to the end of the command: | grep test or substitute what you're looking for instead of 'test'. Also, grep -i will do case-insensitive, and grep -v will return everything BUT what you specified. So, in your...
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    HORIBLE EVIL BUG, Wrecks computer

    Well in this case, the Mac OS and a *nix system read file sizes differently. The Mac OS reads up how much space it takes on the drive while the BSD system reads how big the file actually is. Sound confusing? Well the reason is that the HD is divided up into little pieces called "blocks"...
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    Installation Failure, iMac DV SE 400

    Can you currently boot to OS 9? If you can, try putting in an OS 9 CD (preferably one that came with your computer if it came with 9 installed) when it's booted to 9 and then selecting the CD in the Startup Disk control panel. I wouldn't count on any burned CD working.
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    Where are the Easter Eggs ???

    Wrong time of year for an easter egg hunt anyway. ;) (sorry, couldn't resist.)
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    Just do what foolio says... open up terminal, cd to wherever you unpacked the program, and then type ./dnetc and it will start up.