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    ? Clean install

    I have done two installs, one an archive and clean install (dual g4 450, 10.0.4) and another erase and install (pb g3 10.0.4). Under 10.1 these are you only options, both worked well. The Powerbook is a great improvement. but I never tested 10.1 so that may have been fixed before. Both installs...
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    Installing MySQL

    yes there is a big differnce between osx and osxs as mentioned on mysql page, most of the osx server refers to the old version that is the ancestor of osx and not the to be realeased version that is os x with server tools (probably mysql)
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    Palm in X?

    Haven't heard anything definate but i'm sure its the standard response about addressing the issue when x is released. (as with iomega and every other driver producing company).
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    Quake just goes black...

    I remeber hearing that the open gl implementaion thats in the beta is very rudimentary and that things will improve drastically with the release version.
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    OSX Server & OSX Client

    From my reading of apples os x server page, the server will be the client plus apple share ip, mac manager, and all the other goodies bundled with the server previously. My understanding is they're the same os but the server has extras to facilitate gui file sharing and server type activities...
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    I'm having odd problems due to ppp. Before I got ppp connect to work I was able to use http://localhost/ (or to view the locally running webserver now I cant connect to the server unless ppp has me online. I think this is due to it not finding my isp's (local university) dns server...
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    I don't think the test cgi's are executable out of the box due to security reasons. Open Terminal and cd to /Library/WebServers/CGI_executables(or whatever it is) and the change the file permisions, you probably have to su (type su then type your admin password when prompted). To change...
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    apache - httpd ?

    You just need to turn it on in System Preferences/Network/Services (in aqua) the conf files (and everything else apache) are in /Library/WebServer/ (in termial fs) It took me a while to find them I would have thought they would have done a sym link type think like with some of the other...
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    I think the final release of X will be delayed...

    As long as there is a need for classic (ie until most people get all the apps they need to carbon/x) there is going to be os 9. Os x requires 9 to do this. It is my oppinion that 9's entire purpose since its beginings has been to bridge between the old and new software. The continuing...
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    I'm not sure about Mac OSX but you have to use keygen first to generate a key on linuxppc in order to use ssh