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    Mac OS 10.1

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    Halo PC

    Hi No, I've always hated ol' Billy and M$. Check out this. Nothing So Strange Bungie was so awesome before M$. They were fair with releasing everything equal and of great quality. The quality MAY still be there but M$ killed the equality big time. I'll stop there before I go overboard.
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    Oh no! Where's my iDVD in Panther?!

    Hi You don't even have to go that far. Insert the Restore DVD that came with your iMac. Run the Restore app. Now, at some port before actually installing it should give you an option to install Applications, Developer Tools, iDVD, Mac OS 9, or All. Uncheck all but iDVD...Worked for me.
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    What hardware needed for OS/X?

    Hi Well the new iMacs should support OpenGL just fine. It is the Rage Pro and lower that aren't very well supported. But otherwise you are correct my friend.
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    iPod and iTunes commercial

    Hi I agree, it not Jeff! Though for a little bit I also was worried it was.
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    AARRRGHH!! Macromedia vs Adobe SHOCKER!!!

    Hi I agree strongly with themacko as Macromedia is just letting the power get to it's head.
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    MicroMat and Drive 10

    Hi I would also like to know what slacking Micromat plans to do with Drive 10 customers. You can use it but it doesn't finish the Test Disk Structure routine. At least not for me. It only gets half way through.
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    Terminal: 'time'

    Hi [localhost:~] ctschida% sw_vers ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.1 BuildVersion: 5L14 [localhost:~] ctschida% uname -a Darwin localhost 1.4 Darwin Kernel Version 1.4: Sun Sep 9 15:39:59 PDT 2001; root:xnu/xnu-201.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc [localhost:~]...
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    Please Read!

    Hi I just wanted to comment and really push a certain idea that I do believe many are not taking part in. Mac OS X is new and great but like anything of it's kind it still needs some tweaks. Make sure to post your feedback with a thorough, detailed, and understandable explanation so Apple may...
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    OpenGL Video Drivers for ATI non-128

    Hi Well you were going fine but you hit a speed bump and rolled a little. Mac OS 10.0.0-10.0.4 did not have any support for the AtI Rage Pro (LT) chipset. Though Mac OS 10.1.0 does take advantage of your GPU now but..........................there is no OpenGL graphics acceleration. Not a big...
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    Anyone else having network problems?

    Hi What type of connection. PPPoE, DHCP, Manual, Airport? I had a similar problem using my schools network which is DHCP. I think 10.1 is kind of buggy. I had to have the System Preferences-->Network open because when I quit System Preferences it switched back to Internal Modem and wouldn't...
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    OS X Upgrade Problem

    Hi First things first just FYI you can't upgrade from 9.2.1 to any version of 10. You do a full install. It just adds 10 with 9. So you cannot use any 9.2.1 and earlier passwords or etc in 10. 10 is completely independent except for the fact it uses 9.2.1 or 9.1 as Classic. So did you get...
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    Q3 is slooow (wtf...)

    Hi Yes I could be wrong but there is something people should know about the GeForce3. Now it is great but..........there is a catch. The GeForce3 is new and great but maybe...........a little too new. It really only supports highly a very new graphics technology that only like 3 programs...
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    Hi I haven't been on the internet in awhile :( But Dradts you can go to Mac Surf Shop to get some cool ones.That's cool everyone! Thanks I need some new drive icons :(
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    Hi Masternew. You have the same drive setup as my Power Mac G4 400MHz Sawtooth (AGP Graphics). Red Phoenix. I see you like Deus Ex. Awesome game and just grand plotline. I did have great respect for you until the Windows icon down at the bottom on your MAIN drive than ::Yuck:: I am...