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    Classic, 8.6, and external HDs, oh my!

    you will never have to buy OS 9 (even when OS X Final comes out) to use OS X. You will only have to purchase and install OS 9 if you want to run any "Classic" applications. If you don't want to run any classic applications thats fine, however I think it is extreamly unrealistic to think you are...
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    No Success yet?

    Thats odd... I ordered mine about 6:25 CST and it still says "Being Reviewed" :( What time zone you in?
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    boot in Win NT mode

    I think some one said there was an Atari 800 environment as well as the clasic enviroment
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    Classic, 8.6, and external HDs, oh my!

    That should work just fine, although as you probably know, you wont be able to use the clasic environment
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    What about Serial Port identification

    Trueman_Akamai, I have a power tower pro 250 (604e), let me know if you get the beta to work on your 8500 and how, so I can try it on the ptp250. Thanks Greg