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    Compiling GD

    My system is this: Mac OS X 10.0.2 Apache 1.3.19 PHP 4.0.4p1 MySQL 3.32 /usr/local/apache/ /usr/local/mysql/ My question is: How do I compile GD and/or FreeType in to this? Do I have to do everything from scratch or could i recompile apacghe or something? ... massebasse
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    HTML styled email

    On a PC, using MS Outlook I could creat mail containg HTML. I could use my favourite editor and paste the HTML code into a mail and send. How do I do that in Mac OS X or Mac OS 9?? I have tried Eudora and Entourage (beta) HElp!!
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    web serving (apache and php)

    Oh yes ... Now it works ... stupid me :) Tnx alot!!
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    web serving (apache and php)

    Yes, I do exactly as U ... But it seems like "my" apache uses the other apaches conf. files and DocumentRoots ... hmmm strange
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    web serving (apache and php)

    I followed the advice and installed a new apache (+ php). I also quit the default apache. But when I start my installed apache it seems like it uses the first apache ... /Library/WebServer/ (this is Apple-Apache) /www/bin/ (this is my Apache) Should I change some conf. files?
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    OK . Tnx for the answer, but I need to start an SSHD (server) so people (me) could connect to my machine via SSH. ... massebasse
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    I wanna use SSH on my Mac OS X PB machine. User sverre writes this in another post: "To do this however you must edit the file /etc/hostconfig manually and add a line containing SSHSERVER=-YES- (and reboot or start it up manually by typing sshd as root)" I have done that but X respond with...
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    Mac OS X PB is great. No doubt about it. But i have one question: How du I automount servers on login? I have found the automountcommand but it seems like its only for NFS-servers. I wanna mount AFS (ASIP, Private Filesharing etc) ... massebasse