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    Laser Shot LBP-5200

    I want to know if there is a way to get the "Laser Shot LBP-5200" color laser printer from canon to work on a mac osx system. On canons site it says that it's not compatible with mac osx, but you never know ;-)...
  2. M disconnects after sleep, how can i prevent this?

    Hi! i'm on an adsl internet connection, and is online all the time so to speak. The strange thing is that when i wake my Mac from sleep there is a little lightning icon or flash icon right beside the inbox indicating that has lost connection to the mail server i guess. The whole...
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    Airport and iMac 233 (Bondi Blue) possible?

    Hi! I'm thinking of making my home network wireless, with airport. The thing is that one of my computers is an old iMac 233, the first one you know. Is it possible to include the old imac in a wireless network with some kind of usb Wi-Fi bridge, if so, where can i buy such a device?