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    Latest Mac OS X versions?

    No, but we have been obliged to give our mother family name and even our fiancee birth date. Anyway, try QNX or BeOS they are in better shape by far than 4Kxx. MC
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    overclocking iMacs...

    Concernig iMac rev A/B, we have a good drawing from Japan and available on Internet. But the question is always around the difficulties to handle this very small resistors. In all overclocking cases only two have to be removed and replaced in a close location. Are special tools...
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    X windows on os x

    Can XFree86 be installed over Xtools without damage ? MC
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    USB Printing (HP)

    HP840C = OK I used tiogqsdk.tgz from as indicated in: I got a HP840C printer ($110) This printer is perfectly recognized by Printer Center MC
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    Dual G4-450/128Mb

    Have you some program to test the use of your second processor? What kind of printer did you choose? USB HP840C or via ethernet? MC
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    At last, Printing to my HP 840c

    1-More precisely, will you give us the complete url to be able to dowload the file: HPPM.plugin 2-Please, confirm your good results. So we can face getting this HP840C device. MC
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    Fortran on OS X

    f2c from bell-labs can be installed on macosx using the shell script : MC