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    XEmacs causing kernel panic

    I loaded up XEmacs from the site and gave it a spin. After starting up the application, everything appears to be working properly. I can open files, Give emacs commands, open new buffers, split buffers, even more the window around. But once I give XEmacs a mouse event...
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    Uninstalling Apps??

    I do not know of a mechanism, as of 10.1, for uninstalling packages. You can, however, view what packages you have installed by doing an `ls -la /Library/Receipts` on the command line. I'm planning on leaving my installs alone until Apple updates the to have an option to...
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    how to set transparency with Terminal ??

    Start up Terminal and type in this: defaults write TerminalOpaqueness .9 Type it all on one line. Play with the background color and font color(s) through the preferences, and adjust the opaqueness to your taste. My preference: background 0,0,0 normal text...