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    CD tries to start in sleep mode

    Hello, Iam having a issue with my iMac. I put my iMac is sleep mode when I am done and I have had the CD just start trying to work with no CD in the drive. I have got it to quit and come out of sleep mode twice by putting a blank CD in and then it ejects it when it comes out of the sleep. It...
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    Printer Sharing on a iMAC

    I saw that the cups file that downloaded was a bzip tar file. I dabble in linux a little and am not that experienced in this type of down load. it unzipped the file in the downloads directory. a little assistance to put me in the right direction might help me to configure the file. Thanks
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    Printer Sharing on a iMAC

    Thanks for the reply, I ran the print therapy and it did change 2 permissions but came up with a lot of missing files listed below, any suggestions. Thanks Saturday, November 8, 2008 2:54:11 PM Starting permission verification and repair... The permissions for the directory...
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    Printer Sharing on a iMAC

    Hello, I have a iMAC running 10.5.5 and have connected a HP Photosmart C6280 Printer to it via the USB cable. Using Bonjour to connect a XP and a Vista box I get a error saying "ERROR You do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer". I am logged in as the...