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    Ipod Accessories

    I am getting an iPod. I would like to have a good way to charge and play my ipod in my car. I am weary of FM Transmitters because I know they dont work the best. Any other options? Also, I would like a neoprene case that I strap to my arm, does anybody know of any nice ones? What else should I...
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    iCal + Mail Notification _ WTF?

    youre talking about sending or checking mail normally..I am talking about an applescript from ical to mail to notify yourself of events...try it...its a pretty cool feature if you can get it to work without having to press a button...
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    iCal + Mail Notification _ WTF?

    Okay, iCal has the cool feature of being able ot email you automatically to notify you of an event on the calendar. Another cool thing is that many of us can email our cell phones, so if our computer is on and iCal is left open, our computer can notify us remotely - THIS IS WHY THIS FEATURE IS...
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    Mail App Not actually deleting emails

    Well, I tried that...Let's see if it works...I appreciate your reply, Ed. Thanks.
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    Mail App Not actually deleting emails

    Ok, I checked my email the other day and I received about 7 emails from early January. I thought okay, maybe this is a weird one time glitch. So, I took care of the emails and deleted them. [Even deleted them from the deleted items]. Lo and behold, I recheck my email later on and the same...
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    your fave mp3 player?

    well, there is an old soundjam beta floating around for OS X. By the way, iTunes was based on and had many of the same programmers from Soundjam. Anyway, Audion seems to be a popular pick among the anti-itunes crowd. The only problem with that is that its not free, but it does have some cool...
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    Fonts, where to get them?

    I was wondering if there is a good place to get Fonts for OS X. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Fonts, Where to get them?

    I was wondering if there is a good place to get Fonts for OS X. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Ftp Server for mac os 9/x

    Well, it sounds like your machine is powerful enough to run Crush. I know you want an alternative, but I am curious, what exactly is your beef with Crush? Whats wrong with it? Also, the developer of CrushFTP is really great about support regarding his product, another reason why I like it.
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    Ftp Server for mac os 9/x

    Crush FTP works well for me in OS X....but its written in Java, so it may be slow in OS 9... Out of curiousity, what machine do you have?
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    Digital Camera Remote Capture

    Hi Guys, I have a Canon S300 [great camera, works great with OS X]. Canon, to my knowledge hasnt released software for OS X for this camera, but for OS 9 they have. In OS 9, they have a really cool program that can do remote capture. I can set my camera to take pictures at intervals of 10...
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    OS X screwing up icons

    People have been spreading the word that microsofts products were messing up icons, and as evidenced by your screenie, that is true. In addition, I must say that the gui bug that that this thread is discussing is not caused by a) the same problem as yours, and b) that it was not a virus. Its...
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    Photoshop 7 beta Installer woes..

    Try loggin in as root and installing then...
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    OS X screwing up icons

    its just a isnt a virus and it isnt caused by any microsoft guys need to stop with the conspiracy theories... I think it should be fixed by or with has happened to me, and yes it is pretty annoying
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    Default Application Privalges.

    I am running CrushFTP. A great FTP server. My only problem is, that ever file it creates, from its preferences to the files that are uploaded through it have the default of root privs. So I need to change the privs of all the files in Batchmod or in the Command Line. Is there a way to change...