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    Headphone jack problem EASILY solved

    I used a boxcutting knife to remove the excess plastic from my headphone jack.
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    DVD Player not working on Intel Core Duo

    +1 I've received at least one laptop with a borked OS install out of the box. I've taken to wiping/reinstalling the OS & all included software after initial setup.
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    c question

    Almost sounds like you'll need to code your own bit-shifting routines if you're going beyond the 32/64 bits afforded by the registers in your processor.
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    Gentle Introduction to the GNU Debugger (GDB)

    Thanks, ivanjs! Hopefully this will help me find some object leaks I'm running into in my program.
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    Cocoa recommended reading

    There are some tutorials over at , you could always start there. You can also check out tutorials over at as well, which is run by O'Reilly, the tech book publisher. Aaron Hillegaas' book Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X is...
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    Apple Developer

    You can open GUI programs from the CLI by using the "open -a path/to/program". You only have to point to the base folder (usually in /Applications), not the actual executable inside the bundle. If you do navigate directly to the executable file you can launch it like any other file...
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    Need Cocoa Help - NSView, NSScrollView, NSClipView

    Please delete this thread.
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    Java tutorials

    Here's a link to Java programming. This was all put together by a former CS teacher of mine. If you go directly to you will see links for all the different subjects he teaches, along with all the supporting documents he's...
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    Toast with Jam?

    iLife is most certainly included with new PowerBooks ::ha:: One look at this page will remove any doubts you may have as to whether or not iLife comes with a PowerBook. :confused: [EDIT] iLife '04 comes with all new Macs, including G5 PowerMacs. perfessor101, Where are you...
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    Now that G5 iMacs have been received...

    I picked up my iMac G5 last week. I'm using the wired keyboard and a 2-button scroll wheel mouse (can't hang with the 1 button thang). After upgrading to 2GB RAM I'm loving this machine! It's quite speedy with everything I've done with it so far (Q3A, Nanosaur 2, Photoshop RAW file editing...
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    Visual Basic.Net for Mac OS X?

    No no no, the question is, how many semesters will you be programming in VB.NET. If you will be spending all 4 years at University working in VB.NET (I wouldn't think so but you never know) then you need to consider a PC. If you only have 1 semester that you will use VB.NET then you can...
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    Best camera for the Mac

    I love my Canon Digital Rebel dSLR. This is a great camera, and Canon gives Mac users good software comparable with their Windows offerings. My camera came with Canon's Photo Stitch software for panoramic views, Photoshop Elements 2.0, and 2 other pieces of Canon software that allow you to work...
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    It works for me now. Honestly, it didn't last night or the night before, I'm not making this stuff up. :shrug:
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    I've been unable to connect to from my home Comcast connection for 2 days now. It always says 'server not found'.
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    OpenGL development on Mac OS X

    You can go to this website for a start: