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    PHP/MySQL Database

    you want more like: <? $query = mysql_query( "select * from `tblcars` WHERE `carID` = '$_GET[carID]'" ) or die( "Uh oh, there was an error!" . mysql_error() ); $car = mysql_fetch_assoc( $query ); echo( "Make: $car[make]<br />" ); echo( "Model: $car[model]<br />" ); ?> note...
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    100% Height???

    ok. sorry. i forgot some people still use netscape 4 and IE 3. there is nothing that tables will allow you to do that can't be done with CSS.
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    100% Height???

    or use css. tables are evil. and with CSS you can have a TRUE floating footer at the bottom of the WINDOW.
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    What's the best bluetooth phone to use with my mac?

    i have a p910i. i love it. but to get reliable hassle-free sync's you'll need tiger, as it's officially unsupported under Panther (isync 1.5) and. you can use nearly ANY audio file as a ringtone. i currently have Overcome by Live as my normal ringtone and the Emporers march from Star...
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    Windows programs on tiger?

    sorry, i forgot that some people still use "services" like msn and yahoo.
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    Windows programs on tiger?

    and there i was thinking it was high-end games and specialised business apps keeping people in windows-land.
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    Ghost Recon: what do you think?

    an imac has not got a "best" by anyone graphics card.
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    no.. you need to open Server Assistant on ONE machine, then boot from the CD/DVD in a DIFFERENT machine, and it will appear as an option to configure it.
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    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    Whether or not Apple use it first, they definitely the first to really "use" it. Until recently nearly every major manufacturer still included P/S2 ports (and most still supplied p/s2 keyboards) whereas apple made the decision and dropped the legacy adb stuff immediately.
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    Safari Pop-up controls

    pithhelmet does allow this sort of config.
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    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    just to clarify. you probably COULD get usb back in 98 or 99 when apple adopted it, for pcs. it just wasnt standard. and fyi, Intel is a big player in the USB controlling body.
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    Logitech MX 1000 compatibility

    i have one. it's brilliant. i love it. need i say more? and it took me two seconds to type the words mx1000 review mac into google. second result i got:
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    figures. I had a related issue where i stuffed my ARD install on my g4 server (it has a video card, but way too much effort to stick a monitor on it....) anywho. this: and the cli version of installer worked wonderfully. sudo installer...
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    Internet sharing on OS X Server 10.4 Helpppp!

    what do you have setup as your default gateway on the xserve?
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    Will my display loose the benefit?

    um. the 20" is actually 1680x1050.