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    SCSI CD problem

    I have a SCSI CD and a DVD RAM Drive on my PowerMac G3 Beige 400mhz (i change processor) and when i have 10.0.4 everything go fine, i update to x.1 over x.0.4 and the scsi cd still work, but i have to erase my hd and when reinstall the scsi cd dont work anymore, i install again x.0.4 and later...
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    CD Burner Problem

    The CD Burner is Yamaha External SCSI 1
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    CD Burner Problem

    When i connect my Yamaha CD Writer 6x4x16 (yes is too old, i know) Mac OS X hangs, do any know what is happening??? Pp G3 266Mhz Ati Nexus GA 6GB ATA Drive 4.2 GB SCSI Drive DVD-RAM Drive 384MB RAM Mac OS 9.1 & 10.0.4
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    Main monitor problem

    I have an Ati Nexus GA on my G3 266 but when i startup from the mac os x the main monitor is the built in monitor connector, when the system loads i can change the main monitor but when i shutdown my mac, i need connect a monitor to the built in connector because the Ati dont get display, that's...
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    DVD-RAM on G3/266

    Hi, someone of here know how can i put a DVD-RAM drive to work and to see DVD movie's of course, the original Apple DVD Player do not work, and i dont know what software i need to backup files onto it. Any help will be appreciate sorry the bad english Pp...
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    Terminal Commands

    Hi, i see the Terminal program but i dont know where i can find that's commands to learn, exist any book or site??
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    OS X Terminal Commands

    Hi, I am a new user of Mac OS X, i see the Terminal program and is like a command line, the question is, where i can learn that commands? Jose Zinzu My mac spec. 8600/ Sonnet Crescendo 400mhz 240MB RAM 4GB UW/Narrow Cheetah HD OS X 10.0.4 Mac OS 9.1