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    I Have Been Forced To Buy A Pc

    I will tend to agree with you on this one. Right now the LightWave on the mac is pretty useless..I can barely get any stuff done. The UI is slow, it's unresponsive, etc. I am still thinking about buying PC just for lightwave. But I can't bring myself to spend money :) I have so much invested...
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    iDVD 2

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    Same here. The speed is incredible. I was thinking about switching to Wintel for 3D graphics work but OS X 10.1 made me change my mind...Lightwave runs great! :D. I'm still using a developer build(5g64) until apple ships my order, and even the DB's rock! Everything works perfectly! Those new...
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    Thanks Apple

    Maybe it's time to upgrade....
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    Question about the upgrade directly from apple($20.00)

    Does the copy from apple's up to date program include a CD of 9.2.1 and the developer tools? I forgot to ask the rep when I placed my order.
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    Any word on Real and Windows media Players????

    Before anything else is released from microsoft, I WANT INTELLIPOINT DRIVERS!!!! I can't stand having this mouse pointer move so frickin slow!
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    OSX 10.1 review by: vic

    ok, I'll ask it. on the system prefs image, what is universal access?