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    Freeze at login and found BSD root: errors major 14, minor 2

    Hello, I am running Snow Leopard on a Late 2010-Spring 2011 Mac Mini, and I am having the SAME problem. When it logs in, it hangs on the blue screen. The only way I can access it is via Single User mode, which is what you did and got those error messages, but I dont think that the Major 14...
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    How to Reset Terminal Privileges

    Thanks for the info. I didnt include the command because it didn't fix my problem of being able to get back onto my computer. But, for those of you, if you lose your, it crashes, and all icons disappear from your desktop, the command to fix that is below. That said, it was...
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    How to Reset Terminal Privileges

    Hi DeltaMac. Sorry but because of illness I dont check email everyday. NO, i never did replace because I cant afford to now. But it seems, maybe that I have to, and that that would enable me to log into my computer maybe? I have a friend who is supposed to come over with his external drive...
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    Can no longer boot into Snow Leopard on Mac Mini (Late 2010)

    I started having problems on my Mac Mini when I first got it. I would get grey screens and blue screens appear when typing for extended periods of time. A reboot would always take care of the problem. Eventually, after 3 times to the Genius Bar, I gave up. Then I started not being able to...
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    How to Reset Terminal Privileges

    I am running Mac Mini (late 2010) and 10.6.8. I started having problems with Time Machine, noting it wasn't copying correctly. After trying to repair it, my Finder seemed to crash. That had never happened, but I found a fix, punching text into Terminal, which brought all my icons back to my...