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    Music - Happy Birthday

    The "Happy Birthday" song is actually still protected by copyright which is why so many restaurant chains come up with really annoying alternate versions: no royalties. I'm not sure when the copyright expires, but at the rate our elected officials are voting for the highest dollar, it may get...
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    Switching to Illustrator - Roadmap for Freehanders?

    Thanks for the response, Theodour. I've done some cursory Google searches, but have yet to strike upon the right set of search terms because I haven't found anything like that yet. As for Illustrator 10 under Tiger, it does work - I'm using it (well... sort of using it... ;) ) right now...
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    ya'll gotta relax

    I think this is going to be a great thing... if I can dual boot into OS X and Windows (as even Apple seems to think I'll be able to do at some point soon after the switch), that means I only have to upgrade/replace one computer moving forward. No more separate boxes for OS X and Windows/Linux...
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    We live in a world of wonders. We can ascend into space... we can dive under the sea... OS X can run on Intel CPUs... With all of these miracles around us, WHY IS IT SO FRIGGIN' DIFFICULT TO SYNCHRONIZE MY EMAIL BETWEEN MY DESKTOP AND LAPTOP?????!!!!!!???? Granted, it's somewhat easier now...
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    Switching to Illustrator - Roadmap for Freehanders?

    There have been a few instances over the last couple of years where I have given up fighting for what I thought was "right" or "better" in order to simplify my life or take advantage of interoperability of software tools. One example was bowing to the forced organization of OS X - that wasn't...