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    What does Aqua mean to you?

    I use the dock and desktop as Jobs intended. I am a programmer who has had to rely on other platforms to program and deploy. Finally I can program some real backend stuff on my own mac. I find the Classic environment disgusting to look at, but at the same time Aqua should be less...
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    Network Transfer Monitoring

    use ncftp instead, it uses a progress bar for all downloads. It's installed by default. From my experience the GUI apps ftp a lot slower - but the net ma have been touch and go then, and I love the mget commands. Regards Ron
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    Suspend Classic and launching from the command line

    to background your app, put & at the end. So to launch classic as a background app, just type blah/blah/blah/classic & You can see if it's running by typing jobs at the command line.
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    Fax or Exchange "style" servers for OSX

    I found one. Communigate Pro. It runs on loads of platforms, and is very very well priced. Now I've downloaded it, I need to find a machine I can test it on. Anyone have experience using it on other platforms? Regards Ron
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    Fax or Exchange "style" servers for OSX

    Has anyone heard of any Fax servers which can act as gateways for OSX? For instance, in M$ Exchange Server you can set up profiles for customers or business partners which when you send a message to the server will either email or fax according to the preference set for the receiver...
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    WebObjects install

    A few months ago I noticed an article on - do a search in there - you will find it. While I'm here, has anyone got any idea if Webobjects will support mySQL natively any stage in the future? If so - I'm going to implement my Filemaker solution in Webobjects.