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    Anyone got PHP to work yet?

    The apache distribution that ships with OS X PB has dso support built in. To see for yourself, open a terminal and type the following command. /usr/sbin/apache -l If you've compiled your own version and didn't have it use the name "apache" the below should work for you. /usr/sbin/httpd -l...
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    Anyone got PHP to work yet?

    A good beginner command-line text editor is pico. That's what I started on. It's the same editor that the "pine" e-mail application uses.
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    Anyone got PHP to work yet?

    Spencer, I was able to get things working by doing the following after running the .pkg install. Hope this helps. 1. Add the following lines to /Library/WebServer/Configuration/apache.conf --- LoadModule php4_module /System/Library/Apache/Modules/ AddModule mod_php4.c 2...
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    mySQL on OSX

    If some of you have hosed your apache install I'd reccomend re-compiling from the darwin apache source which is already reconfigured/patched to compile on Darwin/Mac OS X PB. That source can be accessed from: Personally, I use...