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    How to make a bootable Mac OS X disc on CDRW???

    :rolleyes: maybe you should purchase it? -s'fit
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    Epson drivers on the way!

    Appleworks, yeah, I've used it. It's okay. But, if I need to move PC Word files over that retain all formatting, I have to use Office. Graphic Convertor doesn't do CMYK proofs (as far as I can tell...) so it's worthless for my needs, too. I jumped the boat early on X, because I love new...
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    Epson drivers on the way!

    I finally get to print from X in a month! Question is, what the hell am I going to print out of X onto a photo printer? Or out of any program for that matter? Hold me down...I'll finally be able to print a web page out of IE 5.1... Wake me when Photoshop X and Office X are out... -s'fit
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    Scary stuff...

    :D HAHAHA! :D That's was the funniest thing in a long time I've read! More people need to see this! *BUMP* Good show Symphonix! Is their a tag in the board software to put up a brick wall, mic and spotlight in a post? -s'fit P.S. If you didn't think it was that funny, lighten...
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    New to OS X, how do I burn an Audio CD?

    Toast is pretty smart in knowing you only have one drive installed and when you tell it to copy, it'll read the source disk then ask you for the destination disk. Works well. Although if I made more than a couple of copies a year, I'd be pissed. It sucks that the only way to burn disk to...
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    Apple + S

    <smartass>Sounds like a problem with your ADPT_OSI thingy - which most likely ran rampant and obliterated your IndicateQue setting. Not fatal but a pain. Apple is working with the BSD geeks to figure this one out. Should be fixed in the next version.</smartass> Sorry. I'm a bit sour that...
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    IE slow to respond in 10.1? Unresponsive?

    IE has always been a big contender for biggest, slowest POS on any version of OSX. Granted, this latest beta that shipped in 10.1 is better than those before it, but still crap. All symptoms you report, I have on a DP450, and I've heard several (hundreds of?) people with higher end kit with...
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    Is that a USB Mass Storage Compliant Drive? If it isn't it won't work unless... Is it recongnized in OSX? Then it should work in the beta of Toast. Does it still function in OS 9.2.1? -s'fit
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    10.1 performance on Pismo 500

    I'd agree with the RAM amount. I guess I'm just use to the way it used to be (pre-X) when it comes to running apps... ONE AT A TIME! :D Maybe Fireworks and Dreamweaver I'll have open at the same time but that's it. Everything else - well...old habits are hard to break! -s'fit
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    What's Your Age Again?

    I'll be 29 on Halloween. :mad: Almost time to grow up... -s'fit
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    Quick question...

    Yeah - works on my DP 450. -s'fit
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    10.1 performance on Pismo 500

    Yup - I concur with Doug. My Pismo 400 196MB is running like a champ with X. I mean it would depend on what you were doing, i.e. I wouldn't recommend running Maya on this config. Doing your standard stuff and some web dev and Photoshop in Classic - no problem. VPC - Carbon should work out...
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    preventing second HD from going to sleep

    Same problem with my second drive spinning down. For kicks, I moved the slider all the way to Never (separate timing) for the disks with the same problem. 2x30GB Maxtor's. Again, not the end of the world - but annoying. Look for a fix in 10.1.01 ??:D -s'fit
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    IE 5.1 on OS X.1 - Proxy Issues

    Are you using the Proxy setup in the Network Pref or within IE? I've had the IE setting act weird (forgets the setting) but the Pref seems to be more stable on my network. -s'fit
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    iDisk access from Windows

    I'm running IE 6. After I click OK in the Open dialog in IE, I get an error that it couldn't open as a web folder and do I want to use the default view. Clicking yes will bring up the login which 404's and clicking no brings up an 'authorization required'. Any ideas? Also, is iDisk...